Types of Rocks

Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic
By: Murphy Yost

Igneous rocks:

Igneous rocks are rocks that are made out of cooled magma. When magma cools  it gets hard and turns in to rock. Rocks that are formed by cooled magma are called Igneous rocks. An example of a Igneous rock is also Granite.

Metamorphic Rocks:

Metamorphic rocks are rocks that are formed when another kind of rock was squeezed & heated inside earths crust.  An example of a Metamorphic Rock is marble.

Sedimentary Rocks:

Sedimentary Rocks are rocks that are cemented and pressed together. Sedimentary rocks take millions of years to bury underground. An example of a Sedimentary Rock is limestone.


A Sedimentary rock is also limestone. A Metamorphic rock is also marble. A Igneous rock is also Granite.

In this rock video you will see the different types of rocks and how they are used.

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