5 apps for middle school math success

App 1: Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the Middle is a fun (and FREE) way to practice the not-so-fun (but very important) technical math skills taught in middle school, this specific game focuses in on lessons learnt in Grade 7. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing key concepts such as Negative Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals. This game also challenges students with the Order of Operations, Scientific Notation, Percentages and Factors/Multiples. It has 6 optional game types for each  subcategory, offering a diverse and dynamic learning experience for students.

App 2: Operation Math Code Squad

Operation Math Code Squad is a four-player math game that is based on Parent's Choice Award-winning app, Operation Math. It is only $2.99 and allows students to practice the key operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a fun, team orientated environment. By adding a competitive edge to the game it ignites student engagement and participation by making them want to play, and want to play it well, to succeed.

App 3:Long Division

Long Division is a $3.99 universal app designed for both the iPad and iPhone. The app developed was included in the Top Ten Outstanding Developers of 2011. The app sets up long division for the students and solves it step-by-step, also allowing them to solve problems - and the app will point out errors by the step - rather than just saying the answer is incorrect. This is not a groundbreaking, fun app per say, but rather a great practice tool to assist in traditional worksheet, homework problems when the teacher is unavailable to assist.

App 4: DragonBox+

DragonBox+ is a universal app for $5.99 that is even advertised as addicting - can you imagine - a MATH game being addicting!?! The game starts students off with very basic problems and grows on them in the same manner as in-class assignments would - but in a fun and stimulating way that truly helps cement the ideas and complex concepts in memory. The game makes the abstract world of math quite concise by removing the characters "x" and "y" and replacing them with fun avatars to increase interest and relatable.

App 5: iTooch Middle School

iTooch is a free universal app that helps students develop both Math and Language Arts skills for grades 6-8. iTooch is a fun way to learn and practice common skills of math: properties, operations, graphs, algebra, etc) in both in-class setting on a SmartBoard or individually on an iPhone for extra practice. With numerous levels and achievements to unlock, each day students are presented with a new learning challenge.

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