Paul Taylor

Ballet Choreographer

Paul Taylor is among the last living members of the second generation of America's modern dance artists.

Early Life

Taylor went to college at Syracuse University. He was a swimmer and a painter. He discovered dance through books in the library, and quickly transferred to Juilliard. Paul earned a B.S. in dance under the direction of Martha Graham.

Paul taylor Dance Co.

In 1954, Taylor assembled a small group of people and created Paul Taylor Dance Co. He has made 140 danced since then. Even at the age where most dancers put their creativeness behind them, he is still choreographing.

Style Of Dance

Taylor is often considered the "Bad Boy" of dance. His choreography covers many topics such as the natural world and man's place in it to love and sexuality with all gender combinations. He combined powerful, graceful, and pedestrian movement. His goal was to eliminate traditional movement in his choreography. The dancers often move with spiraling torsos and extended limbs. One uniqueness of Taylor's pieces was the choice of music. He has put dances to Rock n' Roll, Ragtime, Tango, Classical, Barber Quartets, and more.

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