Athena: My Social Resume

Hello! I am Athena, Goddess of wisdom and war.


I am the daughter of Zeus and Metis. I was born from zeus's head after he swallowed my mother. I am Zeus's favorite! I also have several half siblings.


I have helped several gods and they have become my friends. I helped Odysseus be set free and return home.

I also helped Perseus defeat Medusa.

As well as help Hercules complete his 12 labors.


My favorite movies are documentaries and heroic movies, such as the Avengers.

My favorite music is classical music, such as Mozart and Beethoven.

My favorite food is healthy things like Greek yogurt and salads.

My favorite sports are baseball and football as well as some yoga.

My favorite vacation spot is the city of Athens.

Pet Peeves

My pet peeve is people who challenge gods/goddesses like me.I also hate ignorance and mediocrity (which is why i also hate men).


I have many symbols for which i am known for. Since i am the goddess of wisdom my main symbol is an owl.

I am also the goddess of war, so I am commonly associated with body armor and a helmet.

Another one of my symbols that is commonly associated with me is the olive tree.

The End!

That is mainly all you have to know about me! Thank you for being interested in learning about me. Hope this helped!

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