Robby Allison

March 24, 2015
Tough Questions

In Twisted, the main character Tyler, has many tough Questions. There are several questions that could be asked. first, what are his exact feelings for bethany, is it a purly phisical attraction or is it an actual emotional relevence. Another is, what is Tyler's father's view of Tyler, does he still see him as a dumb teenager or as a criminal. There is also, the question of bethany's feelings towards Tyler, does she even know that he exists or is she hiding from her feelings about him.

March 25, 2015
Aha Moment

There is a moment of realization in the book "Twisted." One major one is at the "party" that Tyler's father's boss is holding. When Tyler accepts bethany's brother's chip challenge to an arm wrestle, Bethany takes tyler's side when going against her own brother. To me this signifies that bethany sees tyler as an accuantance at least. This seems to be the main character tylers wildest fantasy that is slowly but shurly coming to life.

March 26, 2015
Contrast and Contradictions

The more of the book that I read the more and more I realize that the main character Tyler has a very very bad attitude. There are several reasons why I say this. One thing is that he is very rude to his friend and work associate "yoda", by this I mean that he yells and is disrespectful towards anything that he say's. Yet somehow he still maintains a nice and positive attitude towards Bethany. He complains about everything that had ever happen to him in his entire life. His attitude towards his own sister Hanna is submissive at best. Tyler seems to try and keep his head out of water the most that he possibly can with his parents, by this I mean he tries to avoid trouble with his parents by avoiding his parents all together. The further that I progress in the book the more and more that I realize how Tyler has a very bad attitude.

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