Sweet Frozen

By: Angela Lin
Computer Science Room: 216

Business Proposal

Why I chose to start this company is because I love the idea of sweet treat. The idea of opening a creamy store seen like a really good idea! Plus, many kids like ice creams and sundaes. So I think that a sweet treat can brighten up their heated summer, and turn it around to a unbelievable/unforgettable sweet summer. Customers would chose me over my competitor, because my store is full of wonders. It has lots creamy treats, and can really cheer children up. Children who stop by will never wants to leave, due to air conditioner and lovely tables. Along the walls, would be book shelves that are full of books. Children can stop by, get some treat, and are allow to sit there all afternoon to enjoy reading a book from one of the shelves. I had been to Rita's before. It's just a stand with no chair or books. So I think customers would chose my store over Rita and other competitor of mine.

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