Interplanetary space commission

This is Jupiter and its four main moons.


Name of alien- Zertonian on Earth and 67803gaiun in Jupiter.

Alien age- 23.72 years old on Earth and 2 years old on Jupiter.

Alien weight- On Earth Zertonian weighs 36 lbs. and on Jupiter 85.104 lbs.

Planet of origin/ terrestrial or gas? Gas

Basic information

How many planets away from the sun? The 5th planet from the sun

Number of moons? There are 67 know moons but there are 4 basic moons ( as of 2012)

Atmosphere and composition? Jupiter has about 88% hydrogen and 11% helium by volume. The atmosphere of Jupiter is almost all hydrogen and is marked by distinctive belts, bands and a massive swirling storm.

Weather? Storms that cover thousands of km within hours, whipping winds, storms that last hundreds of years.

Temperature?- 234 degrees Fahrenheit (-145 degrees Celsius)

A day in the life Page

How fast does the planet revolve around the sun? Every 11.86 Earth years.

How fast does your planet rotate? Every 9.9 hours.

Length of day and year? A day is 9.2 hours and a year is 11.86 Earth planets.

Size of planet? Surface area is 23.71 billion square miles.

Interesting facts

It is the largest planet in the solar system for one. My planet is interesting because it is the largest planet in the solar system. My planet is interesting because it is has the shortest days and years. Jupiter is named after a roman god. Jupiter also has a red spot: this is a  storm that was first seen by a telescope in the 17th century.  

description of alien

Zertonian is a very young alien. She is a consumer and a herbivore. Nothing feeds on Zertonian because she is the highest consumer on the food chain. She feeds on plants because there aren't any animals on Jupiter. Her nose is the tentacles on top of her head. She is like this because that is the way she was born.

Credits page

Encyclopedia Americana- Grolier Incorporated


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