The Endocytosis

What happens in the arctic stays in the Arctic

The Endocytosis begins

It was in the Arctic

On January 14, 1972 scientists from the US military discovered the frozen remains of something with unknown origins. Three days after they find it, it attacks the scientists by taking over the bodies of them and hiding inside. As the scientists fall one by one, one scientist realizes that he must destroy this unknown being and his name is.....Heinrich von Snausernazi. The unknown being is designated "The Endocytosis", because of its ability to get inside of a human or animal body will be hunted down by Dr. Snausernazi.

The Endocytosis gets into the bodies by incapacitating its victims then transforming to a molecular level and passing from its high concentration area outside the body into an area of low concentration inside the body.

Dr. Snausernazi, pictured here in 1893, developed the bomb that destroyed NYC.

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