By: Emma and Mia

Women's Fashion

Women also like to wear dresses, high heels and bright colors. They would NEVER be caught in jeans.

The women loved to wear a lot Hippie costumes in the 60's

In the 60's women liked to wear tons of eye makeup


The Beatles were a famous band in the 60s.

  •   In 1960, New Orleans was the place to be apparently. Hits included Johnny Horton's The Battle of New Orleans, Freddy Cannon's Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Gary US Bond's New Orleans and Walking To New Orleans by Fats Domino scored in Billboard's charts.
  • The epic Teenage Death song theme went into full gear in 1961 with TeenAngel by Mark Dinning.
  • April 4, 1964 Billboard Chart included:

           1.Can’t buy me love-Beatles

  • 2.Twist and Shout-Beatles
  • 3.She loves you-Beatles
  • 4.I want to hold your hand-Beatles
  • 5. Please please me-Beatles
  • 31.I saw her standing there-Beatles
  • 41.From me to you-Beatles
  • 42.We love you Beatles-The Carefrees
  • 46.Do you want to know a secret-Beatles
  • 58.All my loving-Beatles
  • 65.You can’t do that-Beatles
  • 68.Roll over Beethoven-Beatles
  • 79.Thankyou girl-Beatles
  • 85.A letter to the Beatles-The Four Preps





Whenever the Beatles came to town, you had to get your tickets pretty fast, they sold out REALLY quickly.

Men's Fasion

Men liked to wear different shades of colors and mainly tuxedos


The entertainment of the 1960s reflects change in the creation of some new children’s toys. For example, the first toy that children could play with was the Barbie doll in 1960. But since the teenage boys were asking, “How come they can have a toy and we can’t”, the Barbie led to the production of other action figures like GI Joe and the trolls. And because of the Barbie, the GI Joe, and the troll dolls, the ideas and possibilities for new toys were endless. Altogether; these toys had started a spark for an explosion of different and unique children’s toys. They have revolutionized what little kids play with today.

Ruth Handler, one of the founders of Mattel Toy Co., introduced the most popular fashion doll of all time in 1959. Handler got the idea for Barbie after noticing her daughter, Barbara, dressing adult paper dolls in cutout clothing. She based Barbie, an all-American blonde, pony-tailed beauty, on a redesign of a sultry German comic book character. Barbie debuted at the American International Toy Fair in New York City and originally cost $3. Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, was introduced in 1961.

In the mid-1950s, French electrician André Cassagnes conceived the idea of a drawing toy with a joystick, glass screen and aluminum powder. Originally called the Magic Screen, Etch A Sketch became a commercial hit in 1960 when it was mass-produced and marketed by The Ohio Art Co. of Bryan, Ohio. With its twin dials and erasable screen, the toy allowed children—and adults—to sketch to their hearts’ content, obliterate their creations with a shake of the plastic console, and start a new drawing without ever putting pen to paper.



Salad Bars were popular back then

Hardee's was found in 1960


Another element of change in the 1960s was in sports. For example, the 1960 Olympic Games brought lots of attention to American sports. The United States teams had brought back more than 10 gold medals. Also, many started observing Muhammad Ali because he was the world heavy weight boxing champion. His saying was, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” But when he won his Olympic gold medal for boxing, he threw it into a river because he was so disgusted with racism in the US. And although it may not have seemed like it affected others, it gave anti-racial fighters an extra boost in their struggle to rid the United States of racism. There are also many other stories about sports athletes who helped fight the fight against racism, but Muhammad Ali was one of the more well-known ones. Sports have changed everything and made the world the way it is today.

Muhammad Ali was a famous boxer who won gold at the 1960s Olympic games.

Racing was a big part of the 1960s Olympics.

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