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Anne Frank
By: Tiara Colon
Computer Science Class
Crossroads@Meade (Philadelphia, PA)

Anne Frank
Short Summary

Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl was alive during the Holocaust. Anne was born on June 12,1929 a couple of years before the Holocaust started. The holocaust started on January 30, 1933 a couple of years after Anne was born. Anne had four people in her family a older sister named Margot Frank, a mother named Edith Frank and a father named Otto Frank.Anne had her 13 birthday and got a diary. Anne and her family went into hiding when Margot got a letter telling her to report a labor camp. Anne kept writing about everything that happen during the war into her into diary she also wrote about past events. She died in early March 1945. Her diary was found and given to her father (who survived) and he then published it.

I choosed Anne Frank because she was a young girl who was brave,She was an important part of history and she was very inspiring to people all over the world. I learned that she was a very young girl and that she was talented with writing she lived during a difficult time period and she was was able to survive for long time till they found her, She was a important part of history because she was able to write about what happened during that period of time and how she felt. What I learned from my person is that


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