Emma and Abby

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King Tuts mask.

King Tut was a very famous pharaoh because his tomb was never robbed

The Nile River helped out the ancient Egyptians a lot. It gave them a source of water and even transportation for trading goods. It also gave them a source of food, they could fish and hunt the animals down river.

Arabian Desert

All of the deserts had about the same impact on ancient Egypt because it was hard to move a large army across it.

Euphrates RIver

It provided water and fish and protection for some of the lands.

The Zagros Mountains.

The Zagros mountains provided protection from their enemy's, or foes. It also provided vegetation, water, and animals.

Red Sea

The Red Sea was a major source of water and protection.

Indian Ocean

It provided the ancient Egyptians with fish and you could send a ship out to trade. Also fertile land is next to it so it is an ideal spot to settle next to.

Dead Sea

It provided fertile soil near it, so that they could grow crops