Manifest Destiny & Anthrax

Song lyric analysis

Lyrics being analyzed:

Forced out, brave and mighty
Stolen land, they can't fight it
Hold on to pride and tradition
Even though they know
How much their lives are really missin'


Respect is something that you earn
Our Indian brothers' getting burned
Original American
Turned into a second class citizen


Territory, it's just the body of the nation
The people that inhabit it make its configuration
Prejudice, something we all can do without
Flag of many colors is what this land's all about...

Anthrax interpreted the wrath of the American Settlers wiping out the Natives in the track “Indians”, the song presents the theme that Americans were being harsh and apathetic towards the Indians. The song is saying, the Indians were forced out without the choice (stanza 1), once the Indians gained respect and trust (stanza 2) and the drive for land determines what America is configured of (stanza 3).

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