Dyman Columbia Boiler Company Associates Quality Boiler Systems for Residential Rooms

Residential Boilers

Dyman Columbia Boiler Company Residential Boilers

Dyman Columbia Boiler Company Associates Quality Boiler Systems for Residential Rooms Residential Boilers

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COLUMBIA BOILER Company began the production of the Columbia Residential Steel Boiler in 1936, we established a company philosophy that has been the cornerstone of our success. We take pride in the quality and serviceability of our Boilers. We have built trusting relationships and keep direct lines of communication between our customers and top management to assure our commitments are met. Our engineers are constantly developing and incorporating the latest advancements to assure that our heating equipment meet current oil heating technology.

Please take a look at our complete line of residential boilers to see which boiler is just right for your heating needs.

Rosemarie Bartchak

Columbia Boiler Residential Sales Manager

Residential Boiler Models

Emerald Series

The Emerald Boiler provides the advantages of hydronic heat and a domestic hot water system all in one package. The EM line of boilers offers 11 boilers to meet the broad range of installation requirements. The Emerald Boiler is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The EM boiler is available with the Beckett, Carlin and Riello Burner.

WB Wet Base

This top of the line boiler offers high efficiency performance. The 3 pass horizontal tube design is a tried and true design in the boiler industry. The boiler is designed to maximize the flue gases by passing through the heat exchanger 3 times. This boiler may be used as a chimney vent or a direct vent application. All of the controls are easily accessible for servicing.

The WB boiler is available with the Beckett, Riello and the Carlin burners.

LV Low Mass

At the heart of this compact sophisticated boiler is a low volume, low standby loss, scotch marine heat exchanger. With only 5.5 gallons of water, the LV/LVD boiler builds heat faster and radiates less heat through its jacket for maximum heating efficiency. The LV/LVD boiler can achieve up to 85.2% efficiency. The LVD boiler may be used in a direct vent application.

Casco Bay

With efficiencies up to 87% the Casco Bay Is our most efficient boiler and offers you a smart step in the battle against rising fuel cost. It achieves these efficiencies by circulating the flue gases through the boiler 3 times. The longer the flue gases stay in your boiler the higher the efficiency achieved. The Casco Bay offers you the versatility of either a Direct Vent or a chimney vent application. It offers you the most effective and efficient way to heat your home and your domestic hot water.

The attractive cabinetry with its contemporary lines and designer look conceals the burner, piping and the controls. Your service technician will love this boiler for its serviceability and its versatility. The Casco Bay features a swing open door for thorough cleaning of every inch of heating surface of your boiler.

The Casco Bay is available with the Carlin Burner.

Dyman Columbia Boiler Company Associates Quality Boiler Systems for Residential Rooms Residential Boilers

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