Mt. Vernon Junior High Cheer

Tryouts 2015

Philosophy/Purpose of Cheerleading

Being a cheerleader is an honor and special privilege. Cheerleaders and spirit groups exist to promote good sportsmanship, good citizenship, wholesome and enthusiastic school spirit and are first and foremost representatives of their school. Cheerleaders should exemplify both individual and group behavior suitable to their position, and these groups have a fundamental responsibility to play a leadership role in building teamwork and helping the school achieve its goals in accordance with the rules as stated in the MVISD Student Code of Conduct. Because of these responsibilities, members of the cheerleading squad will be expected to maintain a higher standard of behavior both on and off campus and maintain a higher standard in academic achievement than that of their peers.

Eligibility for Tryouts

  •   At the time of the tryout, the student is enrolled in the Mt. Vernon Independent School District.
  • The student is academically eligible according to UIL policy.
  • Parent /Guardian and candidate attend parent meeting.
  • Candidate attends three out of the four pre-tryout training sessions.
  • Candidate is in good standing with MVISD Cheer Constitution

Tryout Uniform

  • Purple or Black SOLID color shorts
  • Solid White, Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • White shoes (small stripes of color are acceptable) (CAN be old cheer shoes)

Optional: Bow can be worn. Must be in school colors and CANNOT contain metals/plastics (small rhinestones are acceptable)

Selection Process

The junior high school squad will be made up of the top 12-14 scoring candidates. The final number will be chosen by the natural break in scores (5% of the 5th highest score). There will be one top scoring mascot from ALL candidates.

Judging Criteria for Junior High and High School Cheerleaders

Crowd Appeal:

Neatness, Fitness, Facial Expression                           10


Energy, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Voice Control           5


Form, Height, Flexibility, Variety                                  10

Tumbling:                                                                      5


Precision, Arm Placement, Technique                         10


Precision, Projection, Timing/Rhythm, Coordination   10

Total Tryout Possible                                                   50

Teacher Evaluations

Each candidate’s teachers will evaluate him/her based on character qualities that are essential to be a cheerleader at MVISD. An online evaluation will be completed before tryouts and averaged. The average will be added to the tryout score. Teachers will evaluate each candidate on the following with a score from 0-5. This is done electronically.

Student exhibits positive attitude.

Student demonstrates responsibility.

Student demonstrates leadership skills.

Student is cooperative and respectful.

Student possesses strong work ethic.

Total Evaluation Score Possible: 25

JUDGES’ SCORES = 66.666%


The junior high captain(s) will be chosen by the following:

  • Must be an 8th grader
  • 50% Tryout score
  • 50% Coaches’ evaluation & team vote


Judges will be selected from NCA, UCA, ACA other professional cheerleading associations, universities, and/or out of district sponsors.


Cheerleaders will know squad placements at a time to be determined by the coaches. Each squads’ members will be posted online on the schools website. NO names will be reported online, only tryout numbers will be posted.

If you do not have access to the school website, please let Mrs. Ramsay know so she can call and/or text you.

MVISD Cheerleading Demerit System


10 Demerits- Benched for one Football or Basketball game, When games are not an option, sponsors will assign physical activities. (Laps, jump series, pull through, etc.)

15 Demerits- Placed on Probation, Benched for remainder of 6 weeks.

20 Demerits- Dismissed from the squad.

Any student’s actions may result in sponsor or principal review, which may constitute dismissal from the squad.

Student Costs


A.  Uniform package:

  1. Shell & skirt – 90.95
  2. Embroidery- 21.95
  3. Shoes-67.00
  4. Briefs-20.50
  5. Camp Clothes- 180.00
  6. Megaphone- 40.00                Uniform total- $615.00 estimated

B.  CAMP- $293

Any money a cheerleader raises through fundraisers will be subtracted from her total.

A $150.00 down payment to be used towards ordering of uniforms and camp clothes will be required the third Friday after tryouts and squad selection. A second payment will be required in April or May and the final payment in May or June. These payments will be set up as per sponsor. Cheerleader sponsors collecting monies from students will give receipts to students stating the amount of money collected and what the money is to be charged toward (trip, uniform, banquet, camp, etc.)

Important Dates

  1. Cheer Clinics - Monday - Thursday (March 2nd-5th, 3:30-5:00)
  2. Tryouts - Friday, March 6th, 3:30-?
  3. First Cheer Meeting, Monday March 16th, 3:30-4:30
  4. Uniform Fitting, Tuesday, March 17
  5. Camp Clothes Fitting and Design, Friday, March 27th at 3:30
  6. Fundraisers in April
  7. Practice TBD in April and May (Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays during School Year)
  8. Cheer Camp, NCA Leadership Camp- East Texas Baptist University, July 20-23
Contact Mrs. Diane Ramsay or Miss Jesi Hines for more information. or

Contact Mrs. Diane Ramsay or Miss Jesi Hines for more information   or