Tools of the Trade

Many students manage to somehow forget homework or get of track with class related materials. But with the best tools of the trade this will never happen. Here are a few listed below.


Edmodo is the equivalent of Facebook for any classroom. With the ability to communicate with anyone from your classes by joining a group Edmodo is one of the best ways to complete any homework of your choice.


Remind is a simple self explanatory tool. Remind is a platform that sends you reminders through either text or email. It is simple to signup as well. is a website with a simple interface that lets you understand data easily. It is a website that is mainly used for info graphics. It has many templates or you can start from scratchm


Tackk is a similar website to but it is more used for creating websites. Tackk also has a simple registration. With many colors and palettes tack is great for making websites. Tackk also auto saves anything you write

DEsign cycle

The design cycle is a process in which you use to make problems easier to solve. A brief explanation is above in the image.

inquiring and analyzing

Identify a problem that needs to be solved. They explore deeper into the problem and research it. This is the beginning of the design cycle but an important step.

developing ideas

Start to develop a solution. This is step is when you plan and prepare to create the actual solution.

Creating solution

This step is when you put your solution to use, this is a important part of the stage as it is when you find out whether your plan has worked or not.


This is the final step of the design cycle and this is when you decide if you were successful or not. This is more of the review stage.

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