Incomplete Dominance
By: Ryan Millar

Facts About Incomplete Dominance:

  1. Due to incomplete dominance a disease can be created where the hemoglobin protein cell is produced incorrectly for red blood cells.
  2. The alleles are expressed together, which can change the colors of the offspring.
  3. Andalusian Fowl chickens are very common to have incomplete dominance, they might have black or blue feathers
  4. Incomplete dominance occurs when the phenotype of the heterozygous genotype is distinct from and often intermediate to the other phenotypes.
  5. Sickle cell disease is from incomplete dominance.


An example of incomplete dominance is two pink flowers, such as four o’clock flowers. IF two pink flowers breed then they have a chance of having pink and white flowers because 1 of their alleles is not completely dominant over the other.

A blue bird and a red bird mate and the resulting offspring have mixed colors.

A dog with eye patches and a dog without eye patches breed and produce offspring with one eye patch.


I also used Google Images.

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