Citizens in Space?

Persuasive Essay

Space. An explored land of knowledge and wonder. Should civilians be allowed to explore it? This essay will explain why civilians should not be able to travel in space including reasons such as they have a lack of knowledge to handle dangers, they are taking away experiences from astronauts, and civilians don't know how to properly record data.

One of the reasons civilians should not be allowed to travel in space is that they don't possess the proper experience or knowledge to handle dangerous situations. If something were to happen in space that is life-threatening, a civilian wouldn't know what to do and NASA would be to far away to send immediate help. Even if NASA could communicate with them, technology can't always be relied on to work properly.

Another reason is that sending a civilian into space takes the experience away from astronauts who have been training most of their lives for space. It would be unfair to send an unexperienced civilian instead of an astronaut who has gone through all of the training, meets all the health requirements, and has worked hard. What little training a civilian could complete in a couple of months pales in comparison to the years of hard work astronauts have put in. A civilian should not be able to go into space, while an astronaut stays on earth.

Yes, a civilian could learn a lot about space and understand what space is really like but sending an astronaut would be much more beneficial. Sending a civilian allows them to understand what space is like, but sending an astronaut allows everyone to understand space because astronauts know how to correctly record data. Sending an astronaut benefits everyone.

In conclusion, civilians should not be able to go into space, instead have astronauts who know how to handle danger, record data, and have trained their whole lives have the experience. Space should be eft to the professionals so that civilians are safe and knowledge is gained.

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