Factors to Consider Before You Donate

Here are some important factors that everyone should consider before they make any donation to an NGO

With the rise in population around the globe, the number of underprivileged children is also increasing at an alarming rate. These children are devoid of any support mainly because most of them are orphans or there is no one to look after. Several NGOs such as CRY around the globe have made it their aim to take care of these underprivileged children and do everything they can to make a positive change in these kids’ lives.

You too can help these organisations, and in turn, the kids simply by making online donations of something so small as just Rs. 100, up to even lakhs. However, make sure you have holistic knowledge about your donations and different factors involved. Here are certain suggestions you must consider while making online donations:

Budgeting for Charity

Before you decide on the amount you wish to donate, understand that your donation is in proportion to your finances and that you do not have to stretch beyond your means. Try not to go compare your donation amount with others—about 2% of your annual income should be appropriate. There are plenty of other ways to get creative and make a change without having to donate cash, such as donating time services and even gifts.

Narrow Down on the Kind of Organization

Before deciding on making your donation, consider what type of charity organization to which you wish to donate— whether a big international one or simply a small organisation involved in a more localised cause. While donating to a large organization, your contribution amount might be seem paltry; however, once it is combined with all donations, the impact would definitely create a huge difference. On the other hand, donating to a small organization may not have a broad impact, but your gift alone could make a huge difference to one single individual or even a family.

Be Clear About the Mission

Make sure that you do your research well on the previously listed sites in order to find organizations whose goals align with yours. Once that is done, head to the concerned organization’s website and take a proper look at their programs and to see if they work in domains wherein you wish to bring about some change. If they do, feel free to make your donation to help the underprivileged.

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