Magna Carta

1. The English Church should be free and have no restrictions. All the liberties should be written and kept for us and our heirs.

39. No cruel punishment except by an official judges. Rights and possessions should not be taken away. No dehumanizing.

40. No denying or delaying right or justice.

41. All merchants should be able to travel freeing for trading purposes except countries that are in war with them.

42. Men should enter and exit the kingdom (by land or water) without fear and harm except in war for a short period of time for the common benefit of the kingdom.

60. Everything should be taken in consideration. All men should be treated equally.

63. Agreement made should always be kept. All men should have a voice.


Freedom of speech and liberty comes into play when dealing with this. As well as adultery and other amendments. All men should be treated equally and and observe.

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