Chipmunks Chocolate Chippery
By : Abby Melichar

Offer freshly baked cookies made from scratch in a warm welcoming environment for people to enjoy

Delicious chocolate cookies made from scratch

Made mostly through social networks, word of mouth, and ads in newspapers and radio stations.
Mainly targeted towards middle class men, women, and children.

-Build credibility and trust
-Bring in consumers
-Impressions are more personal

Startup costs covered mainly by savings account and the remainder by loans
Materials: Ingredients, tools(mixer, bowl, spoons, oven, etc.), real estate, utilities, marketing
Costs $6.30 per 36 cookies for an expense of $0.18 per cookie.
Charge $0.79 for one cookie, $1.79 for 3
With the money made it will be reinvested, saved, and pay off bills and expenses if necessary.


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