The smack down

The hit of my life

I’m bent down swaying (left right left right). Feeling… excited… no. Anxious kind of. Nervous yes. Drops of sweat running down into my desert dry mouth. The courts green. The crowd’s buzzing like a bunch of bees. My opponent has red fiery eyes like a fire engine. Her clenched fist annoys me. She threw the green hard hairy ball in the air, and then she threw it up again. Her swing is powerful. Ughhhhh. In a flash, the balls gone a flash of blur.

My muscles are tensing up. I scrunch my face. My eyes are wide open. Sweat and saliva mixed together in my mouth. Wshhhhhhhh the wind blows softly in my ear. I smell sweat running into my mouth. The crowds less noisier now. Less than a second later the ball is turning in different angles towards me. My hearts pounding .I’m not scared but nervous, frighten that my racket will miss the ball.The green round ball coming towards me. My swing is like a rocket taking off.

I hit the ball, not hit the ball I powerd at it, it was hard then it hits her face. I was amused I saw her pig nose. Then her head flicked back. The green hard bullet hits her right in her sweaty bloody face. The crowd staring at me Ohhhhhhh. I’m confident, happy sorry for her though . She drops to the ground blood racing down like the amazon river. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she screams. My hands go to face to my head. I hear someone saying bully… bully… bully…. in my head. I feel guilty scared will i get told off?

by baylee

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