Beautiful beaches and easy agriculture

From beautiful beaches,beautiful land, and delicious agriculture. The Coastal plains is the place to be!

The Coastal plains region is the largest region in Georgia making up three fifths of the state. This region is told to had been covered in water millions of years ago making it a popular beach area with both it's population and tourists. The coastal plains is also home to Savannah, Georgia's oldest city. The coastal plains is a great place for not only tourists, but farmers too! The coastal plains is known for the produce of vegetables, peanuts, and cotton and plus since the climate in Georgia is temperate the crops will last longer than in the northern states. Another amazing thing in the coastal plains is the Okefenokee  swamp, this swamp is home to over 1,000 types of plants and animals and it is the second largest swamp in the United States!


Farming in the coastal plains is very popular

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