Revised Blueprint of Hydraulic Project

After we began constructing the project, we noticed that the blueprint had a few issues. One issue was that the base was too small to support the weight of the arm which meant we had to extend it. We also noticed that the arm didn't have enough support to keep it on the base, so we decided to put supports to keep it up. We also noticed that while we positioned the claw, the second part of the claw was too high for the movable part, so we lowered it. The last problem was that a part of the claw would block the syringe, making it impossible to reach it. To solve this problem, we put the syringe at the side of the claw (although we haven't tested it in that position yet). These are a the problems faced after we made changes to the materials. The materials changed due to lack of different materials (such as replacing wooden sticks with Popsicle sticks). The changed materials also lacked strength, but  we solved the issue by adding more pieces together to reinforce it.