Florence Joyner

Florence Joyner was born on December 21 1959. she was known as the first female athlete of the year. she made the worlds record in the 200 m dash in 1984. but before that she went to school at Los  Angeles California. She quits running in 1988. then she starts racing in 1990 again. She still holds the world record with 2:56 sceonds. She died in 1998.

One qouet she said was " you wont us run like men then you most treat us like men".  Florence was just like us but better she ran really fast and faster then some men. And she died in 1998 in her sleep.      she is smart wise active talented trustworthy peaceful and eager to race.

Remember Florence Griffith-Joyner's and Gail Devers's jeweled claws? How come?

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