About Me

9th Grade
May 2, 2014
Avid 1
Mrs. Edwards
Hunt High School
Project Purpose- Become more familiar with a potential career and a college that would allow me to get this degree
Sources- cfnc.org, vacareer

Career Information

My goal is to become an chiropractor. A chiropractor assesses, treats, and cares for patients by manipulation of spine and musculature system. They provide spinal adjustments or address pelvic misalignment. I want to pursue this career to help people achieve health naturally without drugs and surgery. Beginning Salary is $77,400, average salary $113,330, and highest $175,750. A first professional degree or a premed degree is needed for this career.

I would like to attend Fayetteville State University. Tuition living on campus would be $2,584 and not living on campus will be $13,289. The ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at this college is 16:1. High school chemistry is required to me admitted into this college. Chemistry is also required to earn a degree in this area. The minimum highschool GPA is 3.0. The other colleges I have considered is Winston Salem State University, the University of NC at Ashville, and Saint Augustines University.

Other classes you can take while still in high school to help you prepare for this career or see if its right for you would be physical education, biology, psychology. Other degrees while in college that I might be interested in is accounting, sociology, and business administration. The best thing I learned from doing this project is that chiropractors have been known to stop or slow down diseases and that the first ever chiropractic adjustment helped a deaf man to hear.

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