aka the republic of Colombia

Colombia is located in the Northwestern corner of South America, along the Caribbean sea between Panama and Venezuela and borders the Pacific Ocean between Panama and Ecuador.

Country and Capitol: Colombia, Bogota

Population: About 46 million (2014 census)

Religion: 9o%- Christian, 71% are Roman Catholic and 16.7% are Protestants, 4.7% are Atheist and Agnostics and 3.5% are are Judaism, Buddhism, etc.

Currency: Colombian Peso

This graph shows the population fluctuating over time, and the population in 2014 is shown as 46 million.

Interesting Facts

The name "Colombia" is derived from the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

Colombia is ranked as the second most bio diverse country in the world. Colombia has the most amount of species in the world. It consists of the most regional species of butterflies, the largest amphibian species and it has the more birds than all of Europe's and North Americas birds combined. The picture below shows a bird species discovered in Colombia in 2006 called the Avian species.

Modern day Colombia was originally inhabited by indigenous tribes such as Muisca, Quimbaya and Tairona. The tribe in the picture is the Tairona tribe.


National Anthem

Colombia's National Anthems official name is Himno Nacional de Republica de Colombia which stands for National Anthem of the Republic of Colombia. It is commonly known as Oh gloria inmarcesible (unfading glory). The anthem was created by an actor from Bogota (capital) called Jose Domingo Torres. The law created in 1995 states that all radio and television stations must play the National Anthem at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM.


The Gold Museum

The gold museum is located in Colombia's capital, Bogota. The Bogota gold museum contains close to 34,000 pieces of gold, and belongings of 13 pre-Hispanic societies. These belongings consist of about 20,000 bone, ceramic and textile articles. Some examples of the pre-Hispanic societies are Quimbaya, Muisca, Uraba, choco and many more.


Monserrate is a mountain that rises 3,152 m tall and is in the City Centre of Bogota. This hill is a tourist attraction and a pilgrim destination at the same time as it contains a church. Besides the church, it contains restaurants and souvenir shops for tourists. This destination is popular for watching the sunset as  all of Downtown Bogota and some parts of the North are visible. The history of Monserrate goes way back to the 1620's and the 1630's, where it was originally used for religious celebrations.  

Actors and Actresses from Colombia

1. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is an actress, comedienne, tv host and a producer. She was born on july 10, 1972 in Baranquilla, Colombia. Forbes has stated Sofia Vergara as the world's 32nd most powerful women. Sofia is a devout catholic. She started her career in 1995 and was widely known for co-hosting two television shows for Spanish language television network  Univision. She has become much more popular as she has appeared in many  known movies such as the smurfs, happy feet two, reel steel, and many more. She is currently acting in ABC's popular show, Modern Family.

Popular Colombian Food

1. Ajaco

Ajaco is the representative dish of Bogota, Colombia. It is typically created with chicken, three variety of potatoes, and a herb called Galinsoga Parviflora. Historians argue that this dish originates from the people of Taino. Ajaco ingredients vary for different places. An example is Peru where the potatoes are cooked in garlic, with a  mix of red chillies, and accompanied by rice or chicken.

2. Changua

Changua is a breakfast soup of central Andes region of Colombia. It consists of equal amounts of water and milk being heated with a pinch of salt and one egg per serving is cracked into the pot without breaking the yolk. Changua is a common dish found in Colombia which many enjoy.


Colombia is a unique country filled with many unique traditions. It has amazing tourism places, unique culture, noticed stars and outstanding cuisine.  Colombia is definitely a place that people should visit in order to experience its unique culture.

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