My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-2015

Haley Santana    p;3   06-01-2015

-E-Mails &' Blogs ; In the beginning of the year we learned how to E-Mail the teacher & Blog on google . so how we do it is we go on google & click mail & put the E-Mail address then we just send. Then foe Blogs we go to Blog on google so we just type away . (;  

-Digital Photography ; This is the unit were we like kinda do a 3D picture, like we did a picture of an orange juice gallon & opened the picture and on the sides we put orange slices . It looked really cool .

-Keyonte Presentations ; This unit is we're we do slides & put like information, Advertisment and other stuff.

This is one of my Kynote presentations
This is one more of my keynote presentations
This is one more of my keynote prestentaions

-Video Production ; In this unit we did like 5 videos one of them was the " The Penny Bounce " so we took pictures & made a slideshow with music & slow speed or fast speed it really dobt matter .

This is the penny bounce ((; For video production

-Sound Engineering ; This unit is were on videos if you wanna change the sound on your voice to like high, low that kind of stuff is called sound engineering & we used adasisty .

-Photoshop ; This unit is where you can edit pictures . Put pictures on top on pictures . Make one part of the picture is neon green and the rest is black . So basically it a picture edit thingie .

-Desktop publishing/Pages ; Pages is basically an advertisement  & for flyers .

This is my flyer the Desktops publishing/Pages

-Animation ; This unit was like playing & watching animated stuff. We learned the different Types of animation .

-Fashion Design ; We learned the different types of fashion & were some of the fashion came from & how we need to know math to do fashion .

-Game Design ; This unit is were we learned everything about games & how they were publish & who made the councils, how the video games how stories behind them

This is my project on the video game .

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