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I plan on going to L.I.T for Process operation

The class prepares students for employment as process operators in the refining, petrochemical, polymers, plastics, and pulp/paper industries,General procedures in distillation, reactions, and quality control common to most industries are included.

A short description of the job:The goal of a process operator is to monitor equipment and improve the quality, efficiency and safety of the manufacturing plant.

What It Takes

According to The National Careers Service, a person does not need any particular qualifications to become a chemical plant process operator. However, he does need to have an understanding of math and be able to pass an aptitude test and medical exam at the interview stage. A person can also become a process operator by completing an apprenticeship or taking a college course related to the skills and knowledge needed in the job. According to Apprentice Search, process operators "usually work full-time, sometimes shift-work, often with benefits, for companies involved in the petroleum, agricultural and pharmaceutical industry."  

Where you will work

there are many places to work all of them being some kind of plant or refinery.EX:chemical plants,oil refinery's,steel mills,paper mills

theses are some of the major companies you can work for:DOW chemical,BP,EXXON,DuPont,Valero,Anheuser-Bush,Invista,Total,conaco phillips

The national average yearly income for a process operator is 68,495, and the national hourly wages are 22.93.



Institutional Requirements:College Success Skills,

General Education Courses:Introduction to Computing,Composition I,Fine Arts Appreciation,Contemporary Mathematics I,Introduction to Sociology,Public Speaking,

Program Requirements:Unit Operations,Introduction to Process Technology,Safety, Health, and Environment I,Process Technology I - Equipment,Process Instrumentation I,Process Instrumentation I,Advanced Industrial Processes,Process Technology II - Systems,Process Technology III,Process Troubleshooting,Applied Physics I,Special Topics in Chemistry, General.

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