MY HYDRAULIC PROJECT: The Crane "Under Construction"

Our model now

Entry#2: Under Construction

Our First Model:

During the first couple of days of constructing, my group and I realized our model wasn't funtioning properly. We were having problems figuring out how to make the crane move side to side, one of the factors was the tubing between the 2 popsicle sticks, it was preventing the crane to move. We also noticed our structure was a little slanted and not up straight, I think the problems that occurred were caused by us not planning ahead and rushing through the process of building. The structure also seemed unappealing to us.

My group and I took this chance to start a new structure and improve the function of our crane.

Our Second Model:

We started off making the top of the crane where it's supposed to allow it to move side to side, we decided to start with the part where we had problems the first time. My group and I got a suggestion to use a thumb tack to help rotate the crane, with our luck it worked accordingly. We stuck the thumb tack in a mini popsicle stick and put another one on top, rotating it. We continued to build the frame of the crane and then we came across another problem, but it wasn't to serious. The 2 popsicle sticks holding up the stick that would move up and down were unequal, we measured the sticks accurately after. After attaching all the pieces together, it was time to attach the syringes, we also had problems positioning it to accommodate the crane and to complete the task of moving it up and down. We decided to cut a part of the syringe off (where it pushes the crane up) so it will give it a little more space between the stick and the syringe. We were also successful in solving that problem.


In my opinion, our hydraulic project is working out fine. We cross some minor and major problems through the process but we continue to find a solution to each one.