By: Melissa Kaye Hicks
March 4, 2014
Core 4

Narrator: In ashland virginia Sky a rich women hired Savannah in 1999 to clean up after the kids and make sure they don't get in trouble

Savannah: ma'am when can i get a break i really need to vist my mother? She is getting really sick.

Sky: You just had a break sunday!

Savannah: No ma'am i didn't.

Sky: Yes you did you went to your mother's then!

Savannah: okay ma'am (goes in her room)

Narrator: Next morning when Sky wakes up she insanity calls Savannah into her room for a meeting.

Sky: why are my kids failing?! This is your job to keep up with this!

Savannah: ma'am I asked Jennifer if she needed my help she said no that she knew what she was doing and didn't need my help ma'am

Sky: No Jennifer told me you wouldn't help her that is 20 dollars off your pay for not doing your job right!

Savannah: Yes ma'am (ducks her head and leaves the room)

Narrator: the next day Sky calls Savannah into the kitchen

Sky: Why isn't these dishes clewed and put away?!

Savannah: Ma'am i was just getting there i fell asleep I'm terribly sorry ma'am

Sky: I know you are because 25 more dollars are out of your pay!

Savannah: But ma'am

Sky: no buts! unless want it to be 30 out tour pay!

Savannah: (cleans the dishes and puts them away)

Sky: I need you to keep up with the house I am going away for the weekend!

Savannah: Okay ma'am i would love to!

Narrator: Sky goes out of town and leaves Sky in charge of everything for the next 3 days

Savannah: (Goes in Sky's room savannah then steals everything that is valuable jewery money)

Jennifer: where are you going with all my moms stuff?!

Savannah: She told me i could have it! Now go away you little brat!

Jennifer: Okay whatever goodbye!

Savannah: (leaves with all Sky's stuff

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