Sierra Loftis

What is a tissue?

Any of the distinct types of material of which animal or plants are made.

The functions of the four types of tissues

Epithelial tissue covers the body, known as your skin. Connective tissue is responsible for supporting and binds other tissues. Muscle tissue is to relax and contrast so as to bring about movement and mechanical work in various parts of the body. Nervous tissue regulates and controls bodily functions.


Epithelial tissue- simple and stratified

Connective tissue- bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, blood

Muscle tissue- skeletal, cardiac, and smooth

Nervous tissue- neurons and spinal cord

Specializations of epithelia

-Epithelial cells fit closely together to form continuous sheets

-The membranes always have one free surface or edge

-The lower surface of an epithelium rests on a basement membrane

- Epithelial tissues have no blood supply of their own

-Regenerate themselves easily if nourished well

Connective tissue

Muscle tissue

Epithelial tissue

Nervous tissue

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