My traveling vacation

Kerang yarrawonga kangaroo lake

Hi I'm Mia Dalton On the school holidays I embarked on an exciting and amazing journey through high hills and deep pits. Who: Mia,Remy,Jodi(mum),Graeme(dad)

Saturday December 22 2012 I jumped in the car zapped with excitement ready for the long drive ahead approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes i was so sleepy and by the end I was bored out of my brain we then showed up at my grandparents house just inside of town we dropped of our boat and camper trailer and went to my nan and pops house we stayed the night.

Sunday 23 December 2012 we went to lake Meran a lake near Normanville and outside of Kerang we stay and enjoyed the hot day swimming with family,friends and relatives.We then went back to my aunty and uncles place we had dinner there and went to sleep an hour and a half later.

Monday 24 December 2012 we had a Christmas party with relatives we played almost all day and open our presents early it was a great time. Tuesday 25 December 2012 IT'S CHRISTMAS WOOHOO I was so excited to wake Christmas morning and find presents in my stocking near the fire place and more importantly spending it with family.

Wednesday 26 2012 we packed up our luggage and got back in the car we were going to Yarrawonga about 4 hours away we got there finally and we had a pool and we had a 2 story unit we stayed in the pool most of the week we went for a bike ride and we saw 🐒turtles.

Monday 31 December NEW YEARS EVE we have a new year tomorrow we stayed  and had dinner at a place called top deck in yarrawonga. We stayed until midnight We saw some fireworks.

Wednesday 2 January 2013 we went up to kangaroo lake and stayed up there and camped there for 6 days it was fun and a different we then got home

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      .Kangaroo lake

This is my little baby cousin Tamzin Mae Gillies  

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