Graph 7

Jiho Cha

Graph #7 story

Today, I was trying to see how much water would be in a pool after it reopened. At first, there was no water in the pool. However, the water level in the pool started to increase, or go up, at a fast and steady pace. The water level rose starting from 0 seconds at 0 feet. The water level rose 4 feet in 3 seconds. Then, they turned off the water, but they forgot to plug the drain. So at the 3 second mark, the water level started to decrease, or go down, from the 4 feet level. The water started to drain at a slow, yet steady pase. In four seconds, the water drained 3 feet, leaving only one foot of water in the pool. At the 7 second mark, someone put the plug in, which caused the water to stop draining. However, the pool managers couldn't get the water level to rise. Therefore, the water didn't rise nor drop, making it go neither up or down. The people tried to raise the water level, but they gave up in 4 seconds, and so the water level stayed constant, keeping the change 0 feet. Therefore, at the end of my data, I found out that in 11 seconds, the pool ended up being one foot deep.

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