Artist Jill Pankey

A former fitness instructor and freelance graphic designer, Jill Pankey studied art at Southwest Texas State University, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and the University of Texas- San Antonio. During the early stages of her career, she spent time observing the female form and the effects of aging. Pankey grew to appreciate this subject matter and translated that into her artwork. Some of her prominent art series to date include Disorderly Conduct, which emphasizes confidence and body image in women over extended periods of time, and Babes on the Beach, a compilation of paintings and drawings illustrating different body types in females. As she composed the pieces, Ms. Pankey turned to her husband, an educator in kinesiology and physiology, for advice on movement and the human form.

Today, Jill Pankey is a retired art instructor from Texas State University. Producing numerous works over her lifetime thus far, she often donates her pieces to charities for fundraising purposes. Her contributions have assisted in funding initiatives at the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the Hays County Women’s Shelter.

Jill Pankey - Rising Star Series