Jim Decker Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC, Photographer and Ski Instructor

About Jim Decker Vancouver, BC

Based in Vancouver, BC, Jim Decker enjoys a thriving career as a freelance photographer and ski instructor. He has photographed ski and snowboard events in his native Canada and across the world, including the Winter X Games and the Alpine Ski World Cup as well as numerous other professional and collegiate competitions. Also skilled at event and personal photography, Jim Decker of Vancouver, BC, captures weddings, family portraits, marketing photographs, and performer headshots.

Dedicated to his art, James Decker travels the world in pursuit of photo opportunities. He has journeyed to many well-known ski locations across Canada, the U.S., and Switzerland, both as an event photographer and as an amateur competitor. An experienced skier, he shares his expertise as an instructor on some of British Columbia's highly regarded ski and snowboard slopes.

Active in his community, James Decker volunteers frequently at local homeless shelters. He also makes time on a regular basis to experience the cultural and scenic attractions that draw visitors to British Columbia, including Stanley Park and the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival. An amateur golfer in his free time, he also pursues high-energy sports like wake boarding and snowmobiling.

Tips for Taking Great Nature Photographs

James “Jim” Decker of Vancouver, BC (British Columbia), in Canada is a freelance photographer. Specializing in a wide range of subjects, Jim Decker photographs everything from weddings and sports to the nature around Vancouver, BC.

Using a tripod helps photographers capture crisp images of nature subjects. Although using a tripod is not always practical, when taking images of stoic flowers, plants, or scenery, it improves the overall clarity. Nature photography also requires an understanding that fighting the natural instincts and reactions of certain subjects is not possible. Spending a few days before a shoot observing the effects that light and weather have on various scenes ensures that the best image is captured. Similarly, observing the habits of animals improves the chances of getting the best pose.

Experimenting with different shots and settings at home gives photographers the chance to become familiar with their equipment and camera settings, while testing different exposures. This not only helps when getting familiar with a new camera, but it also gives photographers the ability to use the camera with the auto setting turned off, giving them more control over the image’s lighting.

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