Jim Lewis Disney

President, Disney Vacation Club (DVC)

About Jim Lewis Disney

A career executive and manager with decades of business experience, Jim Lewis is currently a consultant with The Walt Disney Corporation, a globally recognized entertainment entity. Having worked for The Walt Disney Corporation in various capacities since 1996, he previously served as President of the Disney Vacation Club, or DVC. In this role, Jim Lewis oversaw an extended period of growth for the division, and helped shape the future of Disney’s multi-million dollar timeshare business.

Previously, Jim Lewis worked as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Public Affairs for Walt Disney World, Co., where he helped generate a renewal of public approval for the company and secured partnerships that have ensured long-term growth. Prior to this, he worked as Vice President of Finance for Walt Disney World, and planned out new methods and strategies to increase company profitability.

Jim Lewis prepared for his career as an executive and business strategist at Indiana State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. As his career progressed, he realized the need to supplement his education and enrolled in Purdue University. There, he earned a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in International Finance.

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