Jimmy Winemiller - Experienced in Commercial Real Estate

A veteran of real estate and development, Jimmy Winemiller is an agent for Brevard Harbor Edge, LLC, in Martin County, Florida. Through the company, he secured a Melbourne-based nine-story, 27-unit property dubbed Harbor Edge Condominiums. The property sat vacant for years before Jimmy Winemiller took over ownership and hired cleaning crews and painters to revitalize the property and surrounding infrastructures, increasing the condominium’s value. To ensure proper representation and sale of the units, Mr. Winemiller hired Fontaine Properties, a company he works closely with on daily operations.

Jimmy Winemiller also spearheaded the purchase of Martin County Florida Farm. Situated outside of Palm City, the property closed in October of 2013. He leased the 2,294 acres of farmland to J&J Produce and Campbell Produce, who used the land to grow cabbage, sweet corn, and peppers during 2014. He expanded the plot by acquiring an additional 22 acres of adjoining land for easier access to main roads.