Jim Nellikunnel

Tulsa, Oklahoma, Drilling Sales Executive

About Jim Nellikunnel

A sales engineer with PathFinder Drilling, a division of Schlumberger, Jim Nellikunnel offers oil and gas operations in the the Rocky Mountains, West Texas, and the mid-continental United States access to state-of-the-art measurement and drilling technologies. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jim Nellikunnel emphasizes tailored solutions that meet specific operator needs and objectives. His sales results draw upon his extensive experience as a drilling engineer and directional driller.

Outside of his work in the oil and gas industry, Jim Nellikunnel has a deep interest in photography and frequently shoots both public and private events. A number of his works have been entered in competitions and displayed in private galleries. He is presently learning film techniques, with the aim of making documentaries. His interest in the arts also extends to Broadway musicals, dance productions, and stand-up comedy. He regularly travels to New York City to attend performances with friends. Jim Nellikunnel also collects vinyl LPs and enjoys live concerts.

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