All together as one soul.

  • Jiva's Tree: Represents the citizens as one.
  • Red: The blood of our enemies; the loving bond between the people and the government.
  • Circle: Everlasting love and unity.
  • Black: Abundance of the land.
  • White: Represents the pure intentions of the government.

Constitution of Jiva

Article I


The name of this country will be Jiva.

Article II


The purpose of this country is to provide peace and protection to the citizens of Jiva. The goals of this country is to have the citizens working in unity and together. This country will maintain a working and learning environment. We will all follow and take after our Holy Soul Keeper to become like the great leader. The highest form of gratitude shall be awarded to those who are loyal, faithful, and hard working.

Article III

If a foreigner wishes to become a citizen of Jiva, they will be expected to visit the Holy Soul Keeper and ask for the acceptance into Jiva. The expectations for the citizens of Jiva is to support our beloved country. To fight against the enemies of our country, to be loyal to the Keeper, and to cherish every aspect of our country and beloved Keeper.

Article IV

The Holy Soul Keeper will supervise all decisions regarding our beloved country, Jiva. The Holy Soul Keeper has the right to veto any decision if the Keeper sees unfit for Jiva. The Keeper has salvaged and protected our beloved country from the inpure; it will only be fit for the Keeper to test the Keepers in training to follow his legacy. The Holy Soul Keeper will have the elite Keepers in training to become the Keeper for generations to come. If the Keepers in training fails to complete the test, they fail to lead the country. The Holy Soul Keeper has had the test made for Jiva's representatives as well. Those who pass the test, will surely be those will lead our beloved country into prosperity.

Article V

The representatives of Jiva are responsible for guaranteeing protection for the people and the country. They will also ensure that peace and prosperity and bountiful supplies shall be given to the country.The people will support the government for the decisions they make will be only fit for the country.

Article VI

The citizens of Jiva shall not encourage any violence or participate in any violence that may occur within Jiva’s boundaries. The citizens will abide to all rules and with the safety of the people in mind, there will be Guardians assigned to each street and store to prevent any violence. The citizens of Jiva will be required to attend school until the age of 15 to test for which ever job the representatives will see fit and required for our country. The Holy Soul Keeper will keep watch over the country’s citizens and representatives. If Jiva is in need of housing for the soldiers at war against Jiva‘s enemies, citizens will be required to house soldiers in their home if asked. There will be no form of cheating someone of their well deserved pay or earnings. The citizens of Jiva will pay a tax to keep our country in wealth and for Jiva to provide for the rest of the citizens. In order to prevent violence any further, weapon machinery will be forbidden and restricted in any building or housing of any kind and forbidden from being sold on the markets or seen on the streets. Citizens are also required to be in their homes by 23:00 hours and are to be cleared off the streets as well. Any citizens caught betraying by any means of press, speech, and gatherings of two or more people of our beloved country will be sentenced to treason against Jiva itself and its citizens. Failure to abide to these rules, the citizen(s) must be taught to obey Jiva’s laws

Article VII

The children of Jiva shall be required to have at least 6 years of education including what it takes to be a loyal citizen and loyal servant of Jiva. They must take classes based on how they want to serve their beloved country. If they desire to be further involved in their education, they must take 5 years of training to be tested by the Holy Soul Keeper. For training there will be a charge of 100 gold, 100 silver, and 100 bronze coins. If one desires to take no form of education whatsoever, they will be taught the importance of obeying our beloved country in the form of special classes.

Article VIII

The great Jiva tree symbolizes the unity of our people and government as a whole and as one. The red of our flag represents the great bond between our people and the government therefore bringing much affection and compassion to our beloved country. The endless circle of love and unity is represented with the circle that engulfs the Jiva tree. The dark black of our flag represents the abundance of land and last, but not least, the pure white of Jiva’s flag represents the the pure intentions of our powerful but yet loving government of Jiva.

Article IX

Everyone and everything must obey the Holy Soul Keeper. He will be your master and your father. He will love and care for you no matter what the country's condition is. He will be our leader and will be our savior till the end of time.

The Holy Soul Keeper

Credit to Sebastian Delgado who gave me permission to post this photo and to allow us to use him as our figurehead.

The Holy Soul Keeper has the remarkable ability to tell when a soul is wicked. The Keeper can also communicate with the land and the land tells the Keeper what happens all over the land.

The Keeper's Story

The Holy Soul Keeper was the first person to claim this land for a future country. The Keeper had been blessed and was given a seed for the pure intentions for the country. The Holy Soul Keeper knelt down on the ground and planted the little seed. Then the Keeper declared that the seed shall grow. And it did.

The little tree grew faster than a normal tree because the Keeper had commanded it to grow faster. The Keeper said to the tree "Grow faster for you have a job to protect this land and its people!"

The tree kept growing and out of the limbs of the branches came our human forms. The Holy Soul Keeper took the weak and lost people and taught them the ways we know now. The Keeper spoke about harmony, peace, love, and unity. The Keeper spoke of how every living organism in this land was connected. For that, the Keeper named this land Jiva, for  all the organisms acted as one soul. The people rejoiced and celebrated, for the Keeper had chosen the land and had given it its name. The Keeper could see into people's souls and determined which were pure and innocent, and which were wicked and evil.

On one of the branches had mold on it. And out of the moldy branch grew a wicked woman. She did not listen to the teachings of the Keeper. She would be scornful and wretched and did nothing to get along with the other people. The Holy Soul Keeper had had enough. The Keeper gave the woman many chances but she still turned away from the teachings. By now the people had grown into a village. They stayed away from the wretched woman and turned to the Keeper for guidance and strength.

After so many chances, she was cast out of the village and doomed to roam the lands. The Holy Soul Keeper had feared that day, for the Keeper had seen into her wicked soul and gave her many chances, hoping she would see the light. The woman's only hope to survive was to pray and beg for forgiveness from the lands.

The Ministry of Love

The students were taken in to be taught the ways of Jiva, the ways of the Keeper, and the ways of the light. Many of them have been misinformed and had not been taught properly. They have been misguided and the Holy Soul Keeper does not want anyone else to stray from the light like before. The Keeper has the best teachers teaching all the people and having them relearn the ways. Some people have even come to the school to ask for guidance on their own. They've confessed that they've had evil whispering in their ear and want to be taught that Jiva is the light and the guidance to living right. The students will be taken into classrooms specifically designed to each individual. They will have multiple teachers teaching different things and different hours. One teacher will teach the history of Jiva, another the ways of the Keeper, and another the ways of the light.

Teaching the history of Jiva will involve several lectures on the history and many presentations on the corrupted ways of the past. Teaching the ways of the Keeper will also involves a deeper meaning into the Keeper's story and much needed time alone with the Keeper. Teaching the ways of the light is a combination of both teachings with much exposure and connection with the lands of Jiva. It will involve spiritual connections and learning  close relationship with the lands.

The Holy Soul Keeper can only allow one chance to correct their ways. A lesson he had to learn the hard way before. The teachers appointed are the best in the lands and have yet to have any failures. The teachers and the Keeper do everything in their power to turn them back onto the path of light that was set before them since the birth of Jiva.






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