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Happy Holidays
The Sidaris

Electronic Cards are the new 'it'
Who Knew?

So apparently the day you figure out how to finally create a fabulous Photoshop template and making your own card (which you've been wanting to do for months) gets out-shadowed that same day by your cool hip friend who puts their card on (& also happens to be the COO)  Which turns out - is quite fabulous itself!

NICO - 8

He is now in 3rd grade and loves school.  They were given dictionary's that have tons of information in the back (maps, states, Presidents) and he soaks it up.  He's know more about past President's than us!  He stays true to his Lego's and can't keep a football out of his hands or off his mind.  His favorite teams are the Browns, the Redskins and the Patriots.


Our little girl who knows exactly what she wants and will provide an excellent argument as to why she should have it and you should be the one to provide.  A sense of humor and wit that matches most adults.  Good luck future Mr. Liliana.  She has started Kindergarten, loves her art and is going to be an artist now and when she grows up....along with running CertaPro.

ALESSANDRA - 15 Months

The ruler of the house.  She keeps up with the other two.  A tough little girl with a sweet side and a temper if she doesn't get what she wants!  She wrestles, she dances to Just Dance Wii and she has the other two kids wrapped around her finger (along with most others). They will fight like cats & dogs with each other - but with Alessandra...she is their baby.  God help us.

All photos courtesy of Sidari Studio

Happy New Year!!

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