What makes a person successful?

This activity is to help you become more successful in high school, post-secondary and your career!

Please fill in this worksheet as you go through this site, and email/hand it in to Katie when you are done.

Research has shown that success in life is not a question of how smart you are- it is how hard you work and not giving up in the face of defeat (like the Michael Jordan quote above.)

Psychologist and university professor Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth believes that she knows what separates successful students and adults from less successful ones. Before you go on, what do you think it is?

Watch her short talk at TED (below) to find out!

Dr. Duckworth defines 'grit' as perseverance and passion for long-term goals.

Worksheet: What are three of your long-term goals?

Now do the same survey/quiz that she gave students: Quiz: How much grit do you have?

What was your score?

The great thing about grit is that, unlike IQ, you have the power to change how 'gritty' you are. By persevering, trying again and putting time and effort into the things that you want to achieve, you can increase your grit and success in school and life.

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