A teenage girl's realistic struggles with the nuclear Apocalypse

Follow 15-year-old Anne Burden, a young girl stranded in a realistic depiction of the aftermath of America being result of a nuclear holocaust

The story is told in journal entries making it easy to get lost in and feel like you are reading the real diaries of a first hand witness similar to that of Anne Frank.

The book, though being written in the early 70's, is timeless and can relate to any era.

You will be blown away by how realistic the writing is, and you will surprise yourself when you almost believe you are reading nonfiction.

You will be held in suspense as Anne notices things in the distance that cannot be naturally coincidental.

Anne starts to notice odd trails of smoke coming from the forest that seem to come closer and closer each day

Soon you come along to meet the book's secondary character Mr. Loomis, a chemist from New York.

Things take a turn for the worse when Mr. Loomis goes for a swim in the wrong lake.

Throughout the majority of the book Ann is having to deal with the harsh reality of Loomis' terrible radiation poisoning.

Loomis has been protected from the nuclear fallout by wearing a special radiation proof suit and mask for nearly a whole year.

Before venturing out into the irradiated wasteland, Loomis was staying in his laboratory, where he worked.

I believe you should read the book not only for its realism or its action, but for its insight into the human mind.

Anne's farmhouse in the valley

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