Their Chains

When your in the third grade
life shouldn't be about worrying
if your gong t get beat up or not
or if kids will laugh at what your wearing
and if you'll make any friends

you should worry about what game
your going to play at recess
and whats for lunch that day.
not if you'll get shoved pushed or hit
because someone thought it would be funny,
to hurt you to make themselves feel better.

people tell on each other
because the "stole" the marker
you loved so much
but when you tell on someone
for hitting you
you're blamed for it
and gets bullied for standing up
to the person you're so afraid of

stand up for yourself
even if you get pushed down
fight the chains those bullies wrap you in
and break free from all of the
ups and downs of the roller coaster of life
and make your own ride

be the person you want to be
not the person you were told to be.

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