Perisa Ashar                          Period 6


                                                                     Why Choose Me?

      My majesty, Queen Elizabeth, I ask you and the country, England, to fund my trip to the Western Hemisphere because I am a brave, strong, and intelligent  person from London, England.  I plan to leave for my expedition during the year, 1589.  If I leave during that year, I will not be too early or late to discover the "New World".  I will know what to expect from the "New World".  I know that you and England would like to have treasures, such as gold and silver.  Plus, I can find lumber, spices, and materials for clothing, for you and England.  With those materials, we can eat new flavored food and wear different kinds of clothing, without traveling to India.  The resources that I would like to find during my expedition are gold, silver, flavorful spices, materials for clothing (like cotton), and different types of food.  In my expedition, I am going to explore the state, Louisiana, because I heard that there is a lot of gold and silver over there.  Louisiana also has good fertile soil, so I can grow new and different crops.  Since it is near a gulf, I will do a lot of fishing.  There are also a lot of animals that live there.  In addition, Louisiana is closer to the  equator than Virginia, Canada, and Maryland.  Since it is  closer to the equator, it will not be cold or freezing for me and the other English explorers.  

   When I am in the Western Hemisphere, exploring new land, I might encounter other explorers from France and  Spain.  They also might be looking for rich and expensive treasures, like gold and silver, new spices, new clothing, new weapons, and new materials.  If I encounter any conflict with the other Europeans or Native People, I will try to make peace or ignore them.  Some of the obstacles during my expedition that I  might face are poor maps and navigational equipment, suffering from  diseases, starvation, and lacking mandatory supplies.  In order for me to overcome these obstacles, I will try to be friends with  the Native People because they might guide me around, have some medications or herbs if I am suffering from any type of disease, teach me how to grow crops and hunt animals if I am hungry, trade with me, and might give me some weapons, like bows and arrows, in order for me to protect myself from  danger.  Plus, I can try to make or persuade the Native People to believe in our Christianity.

   I hope that you  choose me to go to the "New World" in the Western Hemisphere because I will  definitely be prepared for my expedition.  In addition, I will know  how to handle and resolve conflict with other people, spread Christianity, and know how to  survive. To add on, I will also be a great leader for everyone in  the expedition.  My majesty, please choose me. I will not make you disappointed.  Thank you for reading my proposal!

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