see if this changes your mind about the health revolution you dont need to change your mind but just in case check this out and you'll see what you need to know.

doctors needed !!!!!

We need as many doctors and nurses as needed because viruses are running wild so we realy need to help out sometime  , maby  today 'but  asap would be better

help hospitals

Doctors have to attend people no matter what disease they have                                          WE NEED TO FIND THE VIRUS THAT IS KILLING AND DESTROY IT. So do we plan to help or what??has it changed your mind yet or not ?Its your choice to help .

we need to help

People had to wear masks to prevent getting EBOLA

They were also worried so most of them never left their houses.

here's what to do

hospitals need help in getting all the medications. In a year  about 60 people die do to a type of sickness.

I hope this changes you're mind because if it didn't then you have a hard head ( no offence people.)

look at the air plain,it is dropping nuclear power and it  will give people ebola or cancer maby even their death we  never know when it will come for us

types of hurtful deceases  

To much ebola is contagious even a little ebola is contagious ... so we have to do something about it

plus there are other kind of contagious deseases well they don't have to be a contagious disease to be catchy.

we are important

all of the sicknesses in the world are deadly .it sometimes starts with stomach ache or headache so we should be up to some thing and find some help.

watch this video if you agree with what i post

this video is approved for young kids .

just look in her eyes and youll feel bad for her and others that are dying

people dying sereously

you may think that your health isn't important but it is because you not having health insurance can be a big problem we need to think before we act we need help all of the help we can get.

😎😎bibliograph! 😢 😢



💎 sg/singaporebuisnessnews

😷😷WE need to do something about sicknesses😷😷

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