It's a hard knock life for us!

   I'm reading the book Annie. My opinion of the characters in my book is that Annie the main character is very clever and her foster mom Ms. Hannigan is not that nice. Annie is clever because in the book she always figures so many ways to do different things like getting into the buildings when she is late. Her foster mom Miss. Hannigan  is not nice because she yells at the kids way to much about little things like getting home after curfew by a couple of minutes. These are some things that I think about my characters  in the book, Miss. Hanigan  and Annie.

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3 years ago

Good job, Jaclyn. I would think that Annie would have to be clever in order to find a way to be happy in an environment where she is cared for by a horrid woman. Are there other kids in the foster home? Are they friends with Annie? You did a great job of supporting your opinion with evidence from the book. My guess is that Annie is going to have some bigger problems coming her way. I'm looking forward to hearing about how she chooses to handle those problems. I already know she is an optimist (someone who looks on the bright side of life) because she believes that no matter how bad things get, the sun will come out--tomorrow! :) Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read more!

11 months ago

I love this tackk. I could not ever done Annie like that.I love that you pick the new one not they old Annie.I like both but this one I like a little bit better😄 😄