February Conference

By: Anna Bassoff

Here is my conference for you:

On Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) my score was 954. The end of the year target was 740. I want to get a higher score next time. I feel like I could improve a lot. I got 7/10 on a worksheet we did called, " Dust of Snow". I also did a worksheet called "Let it snow" I got 10/11.  On a vocabulary review, I got 10/12.  One more thing I did was a MLK worksheet.  I got 9/10. I think I can improve in my reading by, reading more advanced books.  


I am doing outstanding with essays.  We did a "Settlers and Indians" essay.  I did outstanding on that.  I need to work on persuasive essays.  ( being more persuasive )

Another thing we did was something called, " NewsELA" witch is a site where you can learn about real- world things that are happening.


I am doing superb with adding and subtracting fractions.  On a multi- digit division test I got 14/28.  We are currently doing things called, " Timed Tests".  I am on my 4s.  I need to get farther in that.  I could go on and on about all the things I need to work on. That would be irrelevant.  Here is a math video I made:


Social Studies

On our unit 4 test ( Gold Rush, settlers and American indians) I got 14/18. I think I could improve that score. I am doing well with incentives and economic choices, that was our Unit 8 test.


I am proud to say that I am doing pretty well in my behavior. The only thing I need to work on is, being patient with other people.  I get pretty inpatient when it comes to "Tetherball"

In conclusion, I am an average student in Mrs. Morgan's class.

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