the battle of the bulge

Matthew tidwell and Zion webb.

2nd period mr.rider

1. The German offensive was supported by inter

2. The battle involved about 610,000 americanan men was the largest and bloodiest battle gout by the US

4. Adolfo hitler serindered the battle

5. The US won the bttle

6. It was the largest battle on land of world war2

7.the battle ended up being a decisive allied victory

8. They lost 800 tanks on each side

9.ou of 1,400 British, 200 was killed

10.december 16 1944 January 25 1945

11. The Germans called the war unternehman wacht am rhcih

12.the French called it the battle des Ardennes

13. The allies called the battle the Ardennes counter offensive

14. The bttle involved bout 610,000 Mercian men

15.19,000 of them was killed

16. 150 men sent to stand near the crossroad

17. 84 of the POWs wear murdered

18. Lt gen Heinrich requested bastogens surrender

19.on December 23 the weather cleared and the allies Air Force to attack .

20. The allies nicked the Germans .

21. By January army ri corps was fighting on three sides.

22. During wwll most u.s. Black soldiers only served as truck drivers.

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