Task 1

IT security systems

  • System backups- This is very useful to keep important documents more safe by copying them onto a disk or a USB so if you ever loose them you will always have a back up copy and you can copy them back onto the computer.
  • Firewall-This will always run in the background while you are using your computer this will block out harmful websites or links if you click them and it will prevent them from loading and stop the process.
  • Encryption-This is turning data into encrypted writing which only a certain amount of people no who like authorised parties this will help keep important data safe since only they understand the encryption.
  • Software patches/Updates-Updates will always be common while using a computer its always best to keep them up to date to prevent simple things like bugs and glitches and it can also protect your computer from viruses keeping your computer updated will also increase the performance.
  • Anti-virus and anti spy ware software-This scans your computer to make sure that there are no viruses or software which will harm your computer if any harmful software was found this anti virus would block and remove it from your computer.
  • Access rights-This gives the user a choice for people who can edit or use a document this is good so people are not able to copy and paste information and they can only view it if they didn't want to give access the document they are trying to access will not let them so they are not able to view it
  • User ID and password-This is always great to have on a computer if you are storing important data which has to be kept from other people a user and password is used to actually log on a computer this stops everyone using your computer since they will not be able to access it since only the person who created the user and password knows it and whatever is saved on this account is separate to others.

Task 2

Why is it important to protect IT systems and data

It is important to keep your data safe because it could be valuable information which can not be seen by people who do not work at that job. The safer you can keep your system the better because if a virus was on your computer it can slowly gather important data and then can cause major problems because they will be able to get passwords and change your account to websites you use. There is also a data protection act which gives individuals the rights of privacy and store important data for the use of businesses and the person keeping the data has knowledge on what it is about.

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