Training, Leadership Styles and Appraisal

On The Job Training;

On the job training is when you train and learn while you are working and earning money.

Off The Job Training;

Off the job training is where you train when you are not on the job, for example when u train to be a doctor, u learn at a college or university.

The Pros And Cons of On And Off Training

Pros (Benefits x 3)

  • Comfort zone
  • Interactions
  • Only learning what is necessary
  • Get used to the environment
  • More practical
  • No travel
  • No costs
  • No distractions
  • Concentrate more

Cons (Disadvantages x 3)

  • Teaching is poor
  • Learn bad habits
  • Too much distraction
  • Less focus
  • Costs
  • Time to travel
  • Risks
  • Waste of time if not good

Leadership Styles

Democratic: Someone who takes a vote and and goes with what is best for everyone or most suited for everyone. For example, David Cameron.

Empowering: Lets you do what you want to do, as long is it is appropriate. For example, Vin Diesel.

Empathetic: A leader who understands and can be sensitive so. For example, Ghandi.

Visionary: A leader working with insight into the future to achieve a goal. For example, Steve Jobs.

Authoratative: A leader who dictates policies and procedures. For example, Tim Jong Un.

Staff Appraisal

Staff Appraisal: Is a support discussion between staff and management which also reaches agreements about objectives and the achievements of targets.